Norman Stuby:   Sculpture, Props, Scale Models
Office Model
Plastics, Modified Dollhouse Furniture
1:12 scale, or 12 x 15 x 15 inches (inside of room)
This miniature model of an abandoned office was commissioned by video-artist, Matthew Suib. I made the office walls and floor out of painted acrylic sheets, and added a clear front to the room in order for the miniature office to be flooded with murky water. I built the drop-panel ceiling, light switch, doorknob, door hinges, smoke detector, etc. from scratch, and made modifications to a selection of dollhouse furniture and other props to make it more realistic. A length of tubing was attached to a hole drilled in the floor to blow air bubbles into the water to give it movement. Once the proper lighting (including a flicker of the overhead light) was achieved, the scene was captured on a video loop.
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